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Rate Index gives you the low, average & high rates in the single or multiple lanes that you run.

Earn more money than you are today with Rate Index!

Use Rate Index to validate your rates, for single or multiple lanes, against thousands of others submitted daily by transportation companies across Canada. With this rating tool, you will know the lowest, highest and average rates paid on the lanes that you run and the ones that you haven’t yet run.

  • Spot new lanes that are paying more per mile
  • Identify market areas where you can increase your rates
  • Determine and compare rates on return trips
  • Adjust for sudden changes in market demands

More data for total visibility

We have combined truck-to-load ratio data in Rate Index so for every lane you search, you will also get a perspective on current and historical capacity trends captured from Posting Index. This data works together to provide total visibility on rate fluctuations, truck and load capacity changes and trends based on seasonality fluctuations. Find out more about Posting Index here.

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