TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TransCore’s Link Logistics Canadian Freight Index recorded the highest load volumes for January, surpassing the record set for the month in January 2011 by three percent. January’s load volumes increased 25 percent from December 2012 and the year-over-year volumes increased by four percent from January 2012.

Intra-Canada loads represented 24 percent of the total load volumes. Top regions for loads within Canada by region of origin were:

  • Western 50 percent
  • Ontario 29 percent
  • Quebec 16 percent
  • Atlantic 5 percent

Cross-border postings represented 71 percent of the overall load postings. Top regions for loads into Canada by region of destination were:

  • Ontario 58 percent
  • Western 20 percent
  • Quebec 20 percent
  • Atlantic 2 percent

Equipment postings also started the year with positive increases. January’s postings increased 17 percent from the previous month and 13 percent from the January of the previous year.

About Canada’s Largest Freight Matching System

TransCore’s Loadlink freight matching database constitutes the largest Canadian network of carriers, owner operators, freight brokers and intermediaries and has been available to Canadian subscribers since its inception in 1990. Over 13 million full loads, LTL (less than truck load) shipments and trucks are posted to the Loadlink network annually. As a result of this high volume, TransCore’s Canadian Freight Index is representative of the ups and downs in spot market freight movement and provides a historical account of the domestic and cross border spot market freight movement. The Loadlink network provides Canadian based companies with:

  • The largest online database of available loads and trucks
  • Unlimited access to the network and integrated services
  • Guaranteed payment

About TransCore Freight Solutions

TransCore’s Freight Solutions serves brokers, carriers, owner-operators and shippers in the United States and Canada with best-in-class products. Load boards or freight matching include Loadlink in Canada and TransCore 3sixty powered by the DAT Network in the United States. Loadlink has the largest Canadian freight matching database of loads and trucks and offers access to other services such as Quickpay, credit reports, insurance and operating authorities, dispatch software, mileage software and more. TransCore’s trailer tracking and in-cab communications solutions feature the industry’s fastest response times and state-of-the-art satellite networking.