TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TransCore’s Canadian Freight Index shows significant improvement year over year with a 59 percent increase in spot market freight availability, the sixth consecutive month with double digit growth. June is historically a peak month and registered the highest load volume year-to-date with an increase of 11 points over the previous month.

Spot market freight availability for 2nd quarter was 39 percent higher than first quarter volume and 70 percent higher than the second quarter 2009 recessionary time frame.

Combined cross-border load postings were up 68 percent year over year, while equipment availability continued to decrease, down 15 percent from June 2009.

Carriers and Intermediaries across Canada list more than 12 million loads and trucks per year on Loadlink®, Canada’s largest logistics freight matching database and network. As a result of this high volume, TransCore’s Canadian Freight Index is representative of the trends in spot market freight movement as well as provides a historical account of the domestic and cross border spot market freight movement.

The Loadlink freight matching database constitutes the largest Canadian network of freight carriers, freight brokers and intermediaries and has been available to Canadian subscribers since its inception in 1990.

The Loadlink network provides Canadian based companies with:

  • The largest online database of available loads and trucks
  • Unlimited access
  • Guaranteed payment

About TransCore’s Commercial Technology Group

TransCore’s Commercial Technology Group is a leading provider of transportation solutions in the United States and Canada serving brokers, carriers, and owner-operators with best-in-class products. TransCore established the largest freight matching network in North America by merging both U.S.-based DAT Services and Canadian-based Link Logistics online services. Loadlink has the largest Canadian freight matching database of loads and trucks and offers access to other services such as Quickpay, credit reports, insurance and operating authorities, dispatch software, mileage software and more. TransCore’s trailer tracking and in-cab communications solutions feature the industry’s fastest response times and state-of-the-art satellite networking.