#LINKFAN Contest
Nav Dhillon, JD Xpress
Survey Contest
iPad mini: Ann Marie Ayoub, Bulk Plus Logistics
$100 Canadian Tire Gift Card: Marc St. Yves, Transport M. St-Yves
Sporting Ticket Winners
Devon McLean, Kooner Transport Group 
Tracey Baijoo, Caneda Transport 
Joseph Sanfilippo, Mr. Flatbeds Transport 
Sohail Shah, Mutual Transportation Services
Review and Win Contest
Tina Sloat, GLG Express
Jennifer Jephson, Deluxe Freight Services
Darrin Minister, Newell's Express & Warehousing
Cargo Logistics Canada Expo and Conference
Greg Bourdon, Traffic Tech
Jeremy Narciso, NVRC Logistics
Alexandre Garçon, Alextof Transport



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