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TransCore's Tracking and Communications

Why do over 600 fleets rely on TransCore's Satellite Tracking Solution?

TransCore is a stable, proven technology leader with a 70 year heritage in the over-the-road transportation industry. Our technology remains at the forefront of improving asset management, truck & trailer tracking and fleet performance around the world.
TransCore's 100% satellite based tracking communicates with highly reliable next generation satellites from Inmarsat, the provider of the largest mobile satellite network in the world. Inmarsat owns and operates 11 geostationary satellites. The recently launched Inmarsat satellites are expected to continue in commercial operation well beyond 2020, ensuring a long term reliable solution for your investment.
What are the advantages of TransCore's Satellite network? 
  • Complete North American Coverage, even in remote areas
  • Fastest Response Time
  • Built in redundancies contribute to a service availability record of greater than 99.99%
  • Over the air configuration changes

What are the proven benefits to fleets to adopt TransCore's Tracking and communications System?

  • Maximize and increase revenues; by attracting new shipper customers and retain long-term customers
  • Improve dispatch and driver productivity, enhance customer service, driver communication and fleet maintenance
  • Optimize equipment utilization and generate faster return on your investment
  • Generate savings by eliminating manual yard checks, theft and misplaced equipment
  • Enhance safety and security of your equipment, employees and your customer's freight
  • Proactively manage your fleet to reduce costs related to insurance, fuel consumption, equipment idling, cell phones, equipment maintenance and much more….
Call us today at 1-800-263-6149 to get an easily installed, rugged, proven solution at a fraction of the cost of similar technology.
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