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TransCore’s Canadian Freight Volumes on Loadlink Build up Steam for the First Quarter of 2016 - Tuesday, April 19, 2016 - 08:00 -

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TransCore Link Logistics volumes for Canadian and cross-border loads gained traction in March. Compared to last month, volumes spiked 17 percent—a refreshing sign for carriers on Loadlink who witnessed the first month-over-month increase of this size in more than two years. However, year-over-year volumes were down 17 percent compared to 2015 peak volumes that were set in March 2015.


We started using your services just over a year ago.  It has now become a very important piece to the success of our trucking division. Don’t know where we would be without it.

–Michael Dart, Maltacourt Global Logistics on Loadlink